Welcome to the open public research site of the eCitizen research and development projects of Prof. Alex "Sandy" Pentland's MIT Human Dynamics Lab . These projects and initiatives are led by MIT Media Lab's Dazza Greenwood and focus on legal and policy dimensions of big data and personal data markets and ecologies. 

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Initial Sneak Preview: Uniform Law Adoption Analytics

There are many facets of the law to which data science and computational legal science methods can be applies and many aspects of such science that can be applied to any given facet of the law.  One of the promising entry points being pursued by the Legal Science research team here at the MIT Media Lab is with an important body of statutes known as "Uniform Law".  The #LegalScience research team is now commencing a research study to explore the data and systems comprising uniform laws of the states and territories of the United States.


                 Preliminary Uniforn Law Analytics and Visualizations

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Feature Topic: Big Data Legal Frameworks and the Public Good

Upcoming Research: A Second Look at IAuth for Business/Legal/Technical Integrated User-Centered Personal Data Control 

Recent Legal Science Salon: http://legalscience.tv/legalsciencesalon/

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