Global Legal Technology Laboratory (GLTL)


On May 5+6, 2016, We were proud to host the Global Legal Technology Laboratory (GLTL) for a day and half of knowledge sharing and creative ideation.  

The event page is archived below.  


This event is intended to demonstrate the multi-faceted potential of and provide momentum for the growth of the Global Legal Technology Laboratory (GLTL), which has been initiated by the UMKC School of Law, Queen Mary University-London, Brooklyn Law School, and MIT/law as a collaboration of faculty and students at law schools, other academic institutions, and industry collaborators to facilitate the development, building, refining, vetting, testing and improvement of  prototype technologies at intersections of law, public policy, and innovation, and generate data and data analytics processes to inform research on barriers to and facilitators of innovation and entrepreneurship.  

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Summary Event Schedule

Overview of Day 1
8:15 - 8:45 am:             Coffee and Continental Breakfast
8:45 - 11:00 am:             Welcoming Remarks and Overview of Program 

11:00am - 12:30 pm:      GLTL Project Development Session I

12:30 - 1:30 pm:           (Net)Working lunch for interested attendees to work/network with teams/people

01:30 - 3:00 pm:           GLTL Project Development Session II 

03:00 - 3.30 pm:           Break
03:30 - 5.00 pm:           GLTL Project Development Session III 
5:00 - 5:30 pm:             Group Debrief 

5:30 pm - evening:       Free-form Working/Preparation Session 

Overview of Day 2
8:15-9:30 am:               Coffee and Continental Breakfast and Summary of Day One 
9:30-11:30 am:             Reports Back on Prior Day’s Progress and Next Steps 
11:30 am - 12:00 pm:   Wrap-Up Remarks 
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm:     GLTL Planning Meeting 

Conference Tracks

Track 1) Legal document automation

§ Startup Advisor Toolkit-Founders Terms Sheet Generator (Noah Ballard)

§ Startup Advisor Toolkit-LLC Formation (Larry Farmer, and Jeff Ward)

§ Establishing an automated, web-based permit processing system (Chris Kopecky and Jonathon Tromba)

§ Choice-box tool for legal-tech applications (Marc Lauritsen)


Track 2) Data analytics

* Parcel Assessment Tool - Abandoned Properties (Michelle Burns, James DeLisle, Abigail Judah, and Bryan Rogers)

* FCC and Agency Transparency (Adam Candeub)

* Predictive Analytics for Neighbourhood Design (Dan Fink)

* Enigma (Guy Zyskind)

* Smart Cities/Sensors/Privacy Laws/Citizen Perspectives (Kam Eaken/Bryan Rogers)


Track 3) Semantic systems

* Exploring new applications for AI-based technology in law (Peter Wallqvist)

* FairML (Julius Adebayo)

* Creation and automation of global standards (Jonathan Askin)

* Establishing a legal health check application (Gabriel Teninbaum)


Track 4) Smart Transaction

* Developing an expressive legal specification language (Oliver Goodenough)

* Moving from dumb to smart contracts (Chris Odom and Cliff Baltzley)

* User Managed Access (Jim Hazard)

* Blockcorp (Dazza Greenwood)

* Eximchain (Chris Crawford)


Goals of the event include:

  • Create as a part of the GLTL to be designed by MIT Media Lab a method to collect, memorialize, and share projects, ideas, and solutions through a simple form and website and by building a coalition that includes law schools, cities, industry leaders, and cross disciplinary thought leaders.
  • Establish the basic structure of the GLTL, its members, and the motivating ethos. 
  • Hack current GLTL and other existing projects/prototypes.
  • Introduce new projects.
  • Introduce cutting edge thought processes and approaches to how law is innovated.

Practical Solutions Presentation: Contributor License Agreement Tool

Attendees will have the opportunity to hack and advance a set of current, new and proposed projects at this event.  As the descriptions of projects emerges during the leadup to this event we will provide or link to an updated project/team roster below.

Links/Services set up at conference for people to communicate: