Napkins to Launch

January, 2016 IAP Project-Based Workshop

Integrated Business/Legal/Technical Rapid Prototyping for Entrepreneurial New Venture Ideas

MIT Media Lab's Dazza Greenwood ( and MIT Visiting Professor of Law Jonathan Askin (BLIP Clinic) are teaming up to offer an innovative project-based course at MIT this January for entrepreneurs and others with new venture ideas to learn and apply integrated business/legal/technical rapid prototyping skills for quick-start development of "back of the napkin" ideas.  The course is structured around sessions for project hacking and review/feedback and sessions for learning and skill-building focused on key business, legal, and technical issues, options, and opportunities for project success.  Please consult for more information and to register.

Special Intensive: Bitcoin and Blockchain

The course content significantly focuses on working with Bitcoin and other Blockchain related technologies as the basis for potential new venture business models, legal structures, and technical solutions.  The course will provide opportunities for skill building and mentorship with experts from ConsenSys for developer and end-user tools to build decentralized applications for blockchain ecosystems, focusing primarily on Ethereum.  The course, however, is not exclusively limited to Bitcoin and Blockchain venture projects, and other venture ideas are also welcome.More logistical and registration material can be found on the official MIT IAP course page and you may contact us with questions, ideas or comments.

Sloan Fellows Business Track

The Napkins to Launch course features a special track with an enterprising group of Sloan Fellows during IAP this January to hone and develop their new venture ideas into "hackable" projects for rapid prototyping.  The resulting project descriptions, media, and related materials will be published on the 2016 Open Innovation Network gallery of small-team, quick-turnaround projects for Hackathons, MOOCs, rapid prototyping workshops, and online charrettes. 

In Dumbo, at the WeWork space in Brooklyn, NY on December 16th, 2015

The Sloan Fellows track is part of the more general IAP "Napkins to Launch" workshop course at the Media Lab in January, 2016 (above).  Sloan Fellows and their team members can use this form to provide more information about their projects or may contact contact us for more information.  Below, Dazza Grenwood and Jonathan Askin meet with a core group of participating Sloan Fellows to elicit business, legal and technical project information to prepare for the cross-disciplinary integrated rapid prototype intensive this Jauary.  


For More Information and to Register for this Course: