2017 MIT/IAP Computational Law Course

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2017 MIT/IAP Computational Law Course


Computational Law Course Description

The 2017 MIT/IAP Computational Law course provides a conceptual overview and hands-on projects for understanding and solving legal use cases with data analytics, blockchain and other cryptosystems and a special module on virtual reality for data vizualization. The course includes seminar style lecture/discussion sessions and hands-on, experiential learning through team projects. The course covers:

  • Legal Analytics, including 1) AI/Machine Learning for solving legal use cases; and 2) Using VR for data-driven visualization of complex financial relationships and legal contexts

    • DataVR Module:  January 23+24, this course features a special two-day module exploring use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for data analytics, we call DataVR.

  • Digital Assets, including: 1) Ownership rights, valuation and provenance of digital property; and 2) Storage and exchange of digital property with electronic contracts, automated transactions and autonomous agents

  • Digital Identity, including: 1) Technology and architecture for autonomy and control of self-sourced digital identity and personal data; and 2) Using individual identity for valid, verifiable login to apps or services and for providing legal acknowledgement, assent or authorization.

  • Digital Contracts, including 1) Business, legal and technical interlinkage of blockchain "smart contracts" and legal contracts in automated individual or business transactions; and 2) Standard open-web stack design patterns for executing multiple digital signatures and electronic notarization on digital legal contracts.

Climate Data Challenge Projects: To learn more about the Sloan team working on VR-enabled climate change projects as part of the DataVR module, check out: http://DataVR.xyz/BITL.html  

Legal Hackathon Data Projects: This course also provides optional opportunities to participate on project teams as part of "Legal Hackathon" style events, including 1) the Cyberlaw Committee of the American Bar Association Cyberlaw Committee "Legal Analytics Prototype Jam" and 2) the Financial Entity Identification and Information Integration (FEIII) "data challenge".   For more information, see: https://github.com/HumanDynamics/Workshops/wiki/Hackathon-and-Other-Challenge-Projects  

Course Details:

  • There are four scheduled session of this course on January 23, 24, 30 and 31 from 2-6pm Eastern.  The first two days (Jan 23+24) are dedicated to the special module on data visualization in VR
  • Limited to 40 in-person participants (online participant cap is not yet decided)
  • There are no specific pre-requisits but we are seeking participants who bring relevant legal, technology and/or relevant business experience or skills. 
  • Apply ASAP, space is limited
  • Request permission of instructors to enroll below: