CL+B Fest

2018 Computational Law and Blockchain Festival

Learn.  Build.  Discuss.

March 16-18,  2018
Cambridge Innovation Center & MIT Media Lab
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On March 16-18, 2018, the first annual Computational Law & Blockchain Festival will bring together coders, designers, lawyers, policymakers, researchers, and students from around the world to co-create the future of law, legal practice, and policymaking.  This global initiative will be a push to create and implement computational law (e.g., programmable contracts) and legal blockchain use cases. We will achieve this through a combination of educational sessions, hackathons, and policy discussions. In the spirit of decentralization, this entire event is hosted by independent, self-organized nodes around the world. Join us so you can LEARN, BUILD, and DISCUSS:

  • LEARN: New to computational law or blockchain technologies? Learn the basics from local and global experts at our educational sessions.
  • HACK: Are you a coder or designer? Come test your hacking skills by prototyping a solution to one of our global challenges. Opportunities for local and global awards for winners!  
  • DISCUSS: What’s the appropriate role of government in the blockchain ecosystem? Are ICOs securities offerings? What are the benefits and drawbacks of computational law for the legal system and society? How can we promote a welcoming and diverse blockchain community? Let’s discuss!

The Learning and Discussion sessions will be located at the MIT Media Lab on Friday and Saturday and the Hack Track will take place Saturday and Sunday at the Cambridge Innovation Center: 1 Broadway (5th Floor Venture Cafe Space), Cambridge MA 02142. The CL+B Fest Hack Track provides simple ways for participants to propose relevant projects of any kind relevant to the themes of the CL+B Fest event. In addition, any team may choose to do a project that competes for an organized general CL+B Fest "Challenge". To learn about the several challenges, see: 

Space is limited at the Boston-MIT Node venues.  To participate in-person advance registration is required.  Registered participants will receive the specific schedule and activity meeting location details at our node.

The Sovereign Legal Identity Challenge


Teams participating in the Legal Hackers 2018 Computational Law and Blockchain Festival are encouraged to tackle the Sovereign Legal Identity Challenge with a high level design concept and rapid prototype project:

Conceptual Design

Develop a conceptual design and rapid prototype demonstrating how individuals can use blockchain technology to generate, use and control their own digital identities.

The conceptual design should include an outline or sketch of a realistic approach to deployment and stable operation of the identity system, including a:

  • Business model;
  • Legal framework; and
  • Technology architecture

Rapid Prototype

The rapid prototype should demonstrate how the identity system enables an individual to execute digital signatures or provide other authorizations necessary for conducting one or more legally valid and enforceable transactions, such as:

  • Signing and enforcing contracts and other legal instruments;
  • Registering and holding trademarks or copyrights;
  • Sending and receiving binding legal notices; and
  • Standing as a candidate or voting in local elections

For more information on this challenge, see:

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