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2020 MIT IAP Computational Law Course

Published onDec 06, 2019
2020 MIT IAP Computational Law Course


The 2020 MIT IAP Computational Law workshop course is a free, open, and digital-first class. The structure of the course involves a series of flipped-classroom lectures that be recorded to youtube live, on-going commentary through our class telegram channel, and other real-time collaborations.

Course Overview

The 2020 MIT IAP Computational Law Course pursues a cross-disciplinary exploration of the implications of emerging technologies on law and legal processes, with an emphasis on the development and deployment of automated computational business and legal systems. The course includes special focus areas on rules-driven Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Autonomous Transaction Networks. We will cover a variety of issues, including identification and integration of the business/legal/technical layers or facets of various commercial, industrial, infrastructural, educational, social, political and governmental web-based systems, the complex interaction between governance and sovereignty in public and private sector contexts and the emergence of algorithmic, adaptive methods and mechanisms for regulatory, adjudicative, fiduciary, contractual and other legal processes.

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