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2021 MIT IAP Computational Law Workshop Course

Information about how to participate in the MIT IAP Computational Law Workshop Course this January 2021

Published onNov 20, 2020
2021 MIT IAP Computational Law Workshop Course

In January 2021, MIT Media Lab will be offering the 6th annual IAP course on Computational Law.

For the most current information on this class, see the course site at:

IAP Courses are particularly noteworthy because, subject to instructor approval, they are available to the broader public and not limited to MIT students. It is anticipated that the course will take place from 12pm - 1pm EST on the following dates:

  • January 8

  • January 15

  • January 22

  • January 29

The 2021 course will be completely virtual and will feature original lectures from invited subject matter experts, as well as insights from contributors to the MIT Computational Law Report.

note: all times are tentative and subject to change

Previous courses have studied a diverse range of topics at the various intersections of Computational Law and resulted in the creation of prototypes, practice tips, white papers, and scholarly articles.

Last year, for example, early ideas for Michael Jeffery’s What Would an Integrated Development Environment for Law look like? and Megan Ma’s Writing in Sign: Code as the Next Contract Language? ✍️ ⏭ 💻 came out of the IAP course.

Materials from previous versions of this IAP Computational Law Course are available here: (2018), (2019), (2020)

If you are interested in attending the course, fill out this Google Form.

*Note: Filling out the Google Form does not guarantee you a spot to participate in the IAP course. Accepted participants will receive a notification via email.

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