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API for COVID-19 Data

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have long been used in computer programming to transform data from individual records into powerful dashboards, dynamic rules, and adaptive systems. This video podcast looks at the Coronavirus API and the implications of APIs in law.

Published onMay 20, 2020
API for COVID-19 Data

One of the greatest innovations of the world wide web is that it makes information from all around the world accessible, interoperable, and useful in new and amazing ways. Facilitating part of this are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which create a set of functions and rules that can be used to access functions or data from other applications anywhere on the web. The use of APIs in law could help improve access to law and legal information, improve clarity and transparency for legal processes, build integrations for data-driven regulations and legal services, and move toward a more computational model for law.

The CoronavirusAPI is available at:

This video podcast provides an overview of the Coronavirus API, explores some of its functionality, and discusses ways this project can be a good model for governments and other organizations.

Check out the Coronavirus API for yourself here:

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