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Podcast + Video: Case.Law Data and Analytics

This post provides a podcast overview with members of the MIT Computational Law Report and Harvard Caselaw Access Project and a video demonstration of the knowledge that can be activated by this data from Robert Mahari.

Published onDec 06, 2019
Podcast + Video: Case.Law Data and Analytics

What is the Caselaw Access Project? A complete collection of published United States caselaw from 1640 - 2017 developed by Harvard Law School Library Innovation Lab.

Podcast Segment 1: CAP Introduction

Caselaw Access Project - Introduction by Computational Law Report

Podcast Segment 2: CAP Research

Caselaw Access Project - Research by Computational Law Report

Podcast Segment 3: Creative Projects

Caselaw Access Project - Creative Hacks by Computational Law Report

MIT Human Dynamics Lab CAP Data Project on Class Action Litigation

Leveraging CAP Data for Insights About Class Actions

More About the Caselaw Access Project

The Caselaw Access Project is making all U.S. case law freely accessible online. With the Caselaw Access Project API (CAPAPI) and bulk data service, we can share 40 million pages of published U.S. court cases.

Access to our common law - the written decisions issued by our state and federal courts - supports equality and enables innovation in legal services.

Between 2013 and 2018, the Harvard Law School Library digitized over 40 million pages of U.S. court decisions in collaboration with legal startup Ravel Law, transforming them into a dataset of over 6.7 million cases that represent 360 years of U.S. legal history. The Caselaw Access Project API (CAPAPI) and bulk data service put this important dataset within the reach of researchers, members of the legal community, and the general public.

Learn more about how Caselaw Access Project data is being used in their Gallery and CAP Examples repository on GitHub.

Dive in!

  • Search cases with intuitive, powerful search engine interface

  • Tools

    • API

    • Bulk Data

    • Search

    • Browse

    • Historical Trends

  • Limericks

  • Wordclouds

  • Gavelfury

  • Witchcraft

  • h20 open source textbooks (

  • Data used in Data Science for Lawyers course with Paul Gowder (University of Iowa School of Law)

  • Annotated U.S. Constitution

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