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GenAI for Law - Cases and Policies

Demos and discussion of generative AI for judicial cases and privacy policies.

Published onNov 07, 2023
GenAI for Law - Cases and Policies

On this episode of's IdeaFlow, we’ll explore and discuss two examples of how generative AI can be applied to legal use cases, namely: judicial caselaw research and handling privacy policies. IdeaFlow: GenAI for Judicial Cases and Privacy Policies




  • Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 at 12:00 PM Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern

Segment 1: GenAI for Caselaw Research with

Guests: Co-Founders Richard DiBona and Kara Peterson is a singular new way to search for, and understand, caselaw. Our unique process leverages generative AI to make complex legal information more accessible to professionals and laypeople alike. We are laser-focused on easy access to caselaw research, by lowering cost (it's free!), increasing ease of use, and employing natural language search and summarization capacity.

While our approach could make any type of complex information more accessible, our first practical application is a legal search engine that anyone can access, use, and understand. As of early November 2023, we have made over 1.6 million judicial opinions from across the United States summarized and searchable. Our goal is to have all available state supreme and appellate court cases plus federal district and appellate court cases loaded and searchable by late 2023. We have also dabbled in other types of legal documents such as indictments and legislation. was built in Greater Boston by Richard DiBona and Kara Peterson, a husband and wife team who share an interest in technology, the law, and the democratization of information. Rich brings deep experience in using emerging technology to solve complex problems and Kara is a communications expert with a special focus on social justice.

Segment 2: GenAI for Privacy Policies with Consumer Reports Innovation Lab

Guests: Ginny Fahs and Dan Leininger

Ginny Fahs
Director, Product R&D
Consumer Reports - Innovation Lab

This segment will feature a demo and discussion of an innovative and effective application of generative AI for parsing large numbers of privacy policies as part of the business process for Consumer Reports Innovation Lab initiatives to provide more personal data control to consumers.

About Consumer Reports Innovation Lab:

Dan Leininger
Head of Experimental Engineering
Consumer Reports - Innovation Lab

CR empowers and informs consumers, incentivizes corporations to act responsibly, and helps policymakers prioritize the rights and interests of consumers to shape a truly consumer-driven marketplace.

And, because software has radically transformed the marketplace and consumers’ lives, we started the CR Innovation Lab — to design, prototype and scale new solutions to the problems facing consumers today.

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