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Generative AI Legal Entity Challenge

The Generative AI Legal Entity Challenge Page

Published onMay 15, 2023
Generative AI Legal Entity Challenge

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Large language models offer an exciting opportunity to rethink what is possible for business organizations and entity law. We are building a demonstration of a Generative AI agent to manage an LLC to prototype how large language models offer novel opportunities for business organizations. This project involves interesting technical and legal questions, and we are looking for additional contributors to hack the code with us, draft example legal documents, and generally provide testing and feedback.

To see the LLM LLC initial live demo, watch the Wyoming Legislative Hearing on Generative AI here: The current version of the project has been significantly updated since this demo. We plan to demo the next version to the Wyoming legislature on November 20/21, 2023.

To receive updates on this challenge, including invitations to upcoming demos and discussions, please use this form:

Project Team:

MIT Steward and Team Member: Dazza Greenwood

Open Source Collaborators:

Roman Kisin

Bio: Roman Kisin is at the forefront of leveraging disruptive technologies like big data, AI, and self-executing contracts to spearhead innovation and digital transformation in the future of law. As the co-founder and CTO of CounselLink Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), previously known as Parley Pro, he played a pivotal role in pioneering digital negotiations. The company, recognized for its intuitive, user-friendly, data-centric, modular approach, has since been acquired by LexisNexis. Before co-founding Parley Pro, Roman led the design and development of PSS Systems, a distinguished Information Governance and eDiscovery platform, later acquired by IBM.
Beyond his professional accomplishments, Roman is deeply passionate about open-source initiatives. He also advises several startups, guiding them in areas like eDiscovery, real-time document collaboration, and harnessing machine learning to refine big data insights. On a personal note, Roman enjoys skiing, savoring good food in the company of friends, and immersing himself in live concerts.

Campbell Hutcheson

Bio: Campbell Hutcheson has worked at the edge of law and technology for the last decade. Today, he works as Chief Product Officer at a Stealth AI company, working on building regulatory compliance solutions for AI deployments. Previously, he was Chief Compliance Officer of Datto, a public information technology company. He holds law degrees from the University of Oxford and Peking University. In his spare time, he enjoys hacking on LLMs.

Olga Mack

Michael Bommarito

Daniel Smith:

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