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Podcast: Legal Primitives Pt. 1

Drew Hinkes joins Dazza Greenwood to discuss the notion of legal primitives, an idea drawing from the concept of cryptographic primitives.

Published onDec 06, 2019
Podcast: Legal Primitives Pt. 1

Dazza Greenwood discusses the idea of “Legal Primitives” with Drew Hinkes. In cryptography, primitives are fundamental conceptual building block of code that can be reliably reused and combined into more complex crytographic and other systems. What might be the basic building blocks of computational law?

Legal Primitives with Guest Drew Hinkes by Computational Law Report

About Drew Hinkes

Drew Hinkes is a recognized Super Lawyer and Legal Elite award winner, and cited authority on Virtual Currency issues, Drew Hinkes is the General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, and co-founder of Athena Blockchain, a financial services advisory firm focused on the tokenization of investments. Drew was previously a Partner with Berger Singerman LLP.

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