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#MakeLawBetter 👊

The COVID-19 crisis has presented the legal profession with an opportunity to either restore the status quo or to build and elevate the profession to new levels. In this video podcast, Cat Moon discusses the #MakeLawBetter 👊movement and how different thinking can benefit us all.

Published onMay 20, 2020
#MakeLawBetter 👊

We had the fortune to be joined by Cat Moon, MIT CLR Board Member, to discuss the #MakeLawBetter movement and the impact of COVID-19 on law the legal profession. In this video podcast, we explore questions about what the pandemic means for legal practitioners, legal education, and, of course, computational law.

Conversation with Cat Moon on Computational Law and the #MakeLawBetter movement

Here’s a link to Cat’s article on the Delta Model Lawyer that was published in Release 1.0 —>

Here’s a link to

If you have questions about innovation and , here’s a link to spreadsheet for the list of people who have joined #makelawbetter —>

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