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Our Data Podcast - Law as an Algorithm

Dazza and Bryan discuss the notion of law as an algorithm throughout our history with Michael Schmitz and Reuben Youngblom, both with CodeX - The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, on their new podcast, Our Data.

Published onApr 01, 2020
Our Data Podcast - Law as an Algorithm

Earlier in the year, in collaboration with CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, and their RegTrax initiative, to produce the following podcast:

MIT Computational Law Report with Dazza Greenwood and Bryan Wilson by Stanford Law School


“In this episode, the team behind the MIT Computational Law Report will be discussing the nature of our relationship with the law. How does law interact with other disciplines, such as business and technology? What happens when we start to think of the law as an algorithm, with measurable outputs? And, possibly most importantly, what does it mean to be a member of Team Human?”

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Podcast available on Soundcloud here:

Transcript available here:

Learn more about RegTrax here:

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