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Podcast: Markets, Firms, and Opportunities

Navroop joins Dazza and Bryan to discuss the role of computational law in the changing economic landscape.

Published onDec 06, 2019
Podcast: Markets, Firms, and Opportunities

Dazza Greenwood and Bryan Wilson interview Navroop Sahdev, Connection Science Fellow on economics and computational law, exploring the connection with markets, firms, and adjacent opportunities.

Guest Navroop Sahdev, MIT Connection Science Fellow by Computational Law Report

About Navroop

Navroop Sahdev is the founder and CEO of Rethink Markets, a global think tank focused on the Economics of Emerging Technologies, with the mission to bridge the gap between scholarly economics and business applications. A pioneering economist and technology futurist, Navroop’s work lies at the intersection of emerging technologies, economic science and business strategy. Along with the world’s most respected digital economists, in 2019 she co-authored “Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers: Markets, Communications Networks, and Algorithmic Reality”, the first book on the economics of blockchain.

Navroop is currently a Connection Science Fellow at the MIT Media Lab, part of a curated group of top scholars and entrepreneurs in emerging technologies with a track record of outstanding achievement, who are building the future of Distributed Ledger Technologies, Digital Identity and Digital Networks. She was listed as one of the Top Blockchain Influencers in 2018 by Media Shower.

Navroop is frequently interviewed by Forbes as a subject matter expert on the economics of emerging tech. She has co-authored Hyperledger’s "Blockchain for Business" online course and is regularly requested as a keynote speaker at industry conferences. She holds three masters in IP Management, Economics of Innovation and Applied Economics. Previously, she has worked at Harvard University and the United Nations Environment Programme. In 2017, Navroop served as United Nations Youth Delegate.

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