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Generative AI Legislative Hearing

Published onMay 15, 2023
Generative AI Legislative Hearing

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On May 15th, 2023, the Wyoming Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology, and Digital Innovation Technology held a hearing on the legislative implications of Generative AI.

Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Tech. & Digital Innovation Tech., May 15, 2023-PM

The research team was honored to assist the Select Committee in assembling a group of thought leaders and innovators in the field of law and Generative AI to testify. This group provided an overview of the topic and demonstrated how an LLM-powered Wyoming LLC could operate.

This series of presentations at this hearing was coordinated by’s Executive Director Dazza Greenwood, and the witnesses testifying were:

Megan Ma, the Managing Editor of the MIT Computational Law Report, also contributed to the LLM LLC demonstration but was unable to testify on this day.

For more information about the upcoming LLM LLC demonstration and an open challenge to further iterate and test this approach to algorithmic management of a legal entity, please visit:

In the coming days, we will update this post with additional information about the topics covered at the hearing and links to relevant resources.

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